Power of Singing

There are still a few places remaining on The Power of Singing day on Sunday 27th September, 10am – 4pm at Norton Park Hotel, Winchester. This is an interactive day exploring the benefits of singing and it’s power! We all feel great when we sing and research shows that singing is good for our heart, […]

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Day 23 – A Song A Day – 30 Day Challenge

Day 23 and yesterday there was a wonderful article on the power of music and how is can help reduce pain and anxiety in patients after surgery. Here is a link to the article on the BBC The power of music and singing is only just being discovered, although I have a feeling other […]

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Day 13 – A Song A Day

Today it’s all about endorphins and oxytocin both of which are released by singing and make us feel happier and healthier! Endorphins make us feel great as they are pain relieving hormones released by the brain and oxytocin is the hormone that makes us want to cuddle people as it enhances feelings of trust. Singing […]

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Day 11 A Song A Day

Singing in Choirs is known to be beneficial to our well being …. But what about just singing impromptu with friends ? We tried this evening and I have to say we all felt better singing along to Lazy Sunday Afternoon. So sing wherever, whenever and with whoever you can ! It all makes us […]

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Day 8

After yesterday and a song for Cecil The Lion I have decided to stay with the nature theme and sing Colours Of The Wind from Pochahontas. Before it I felt ok, if not still very moved by yesterdays news of Cecil. Whilst singing the song though I could feel the muscles in my back engaging, […]

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Professional Beauty Awards

 Lisa has been invited to give a seminar as part of the UK Spa Associations Seminars, on the health and well being benefits of singing at Professional Beauty 2014, at EXCEL, London on Sunday 23rd February. Lisa will be explaining how introducing singing can help todays Spa’s as they Adapt or Perish! Singing is so good for […]

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