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Streisand wishes me luck!

barbra streisand

barbra streisand

This morning I received a fantastic email from Martin Erlichman, Barbra Streisand’s manager for over 40 years and the gentleman who discovered her!
I had sent a letter to Barbra Streisand and Martin Erlichman informing them of my musical celebration all about her, ‘Streisand – The Concert’ and that I am to perform it at the worlds largest arts festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, from 22 – 30 August 2010 at C Central, Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh.
Today I received a personal email wishing me the best of luck…
Dear Lisa –
I am in receipt of your letter with regards to your “Streisand-The Concert” you are putting on.
Barbra is currently on holiday…., but I’m sure she would join me in wishing you the very best on your concert.’

Best Personal Regards, Martin Erlichman

Wow, that has to be the best way to start the day ever, especially when I have a long day of rehearsals for my show ahead of me!  Lisa Faye xxx
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  1. Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for your email. I am not actually Barbra Streisand – I do a show here in the UK celebrating her music, so I don;t think I can help you.
    Many thanks
    Lisa Faye

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