The 5678 Choir

5678 choir

Celebrating Its 5th Year

The 5678 Choir has grown from strength to strength since its creation, back in February 2013, out of a need to sing locally and following the great success of the ‘Act Too’village pantomimes. It now has around 35 members from Sutton Scotney and the surrounding villages.

The 5678 Choir singing one of their favorite’s, ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol.

“Singing is the best anti-aging activity it releases ‘happy’ endorphins”


5678 Choir Info

Join us every Wednesday @ 7.45 pm – 9 pm at Victoria Hall, Sutton Scotney, Winchester

In 2018 we will be working towards recording and performing an original song, ‘Whenever’ written by Lisa Faye Broadhead, in aid of The Gratton Trust. It will be performed at The Gratton Festival on Saturday 30th June and will later be available for purchase!

Back in May 2016, we joined another local choir, The Dever Singers, for 2 concerts in Sutton Scotney and Micheldever. “The concerts were a wonderful opportunity for us to come together and the sound was tremendous when we all sang together”. The concert in Sutton Scotney raised over £270 towards a village defibrillator. 

2018 Term Dates

February 21 – March 28

April 18 – July 18

September 5 – December 19

2018 Performances

June 30th – Gratton Festival – The Gratton, Sutton Scotney, Winchester

July 7th – 1 pm – Wonston Fete – The Old House, Wonston, Winchester


Singing is great for our heart, our health and well being…especially when we sing in a Choir!

singing good small

We join thousands of others to celebrate how wonderful our voices are, on ‘World Voice Day’, 16th April.
Research proves, now more than ever, that singing is good for your health, heart and well being. Following a recent survey, with our members, to find out the benefits of singing in the ‘5678 Choir’, we can see, categorically, they agree with the above statement.

100%  – agreed or strongly agreed that singing made them feel happier

100% – agreed or strongly agreed that singing helped deal with stress

94%  –  agreed or strongly agreed that singing helped their emotional well being

88% – agreed or strongly agreed that singing had improved their health and well being

“The 5678 Choir has increased my self-confidence…I now feel empowered to get on and enjoy life”

“Singing has really helped with my asthma”


If you would like to improve your health or even be a part of this wonderful social group, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!