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Day 15 – A Song A Day

Day 15  – A Song A Day – 2 weeks in! Today I am singing one of my own songs, You, as I am putting together an album of my own music and though out it would be a great idea to see how singing my own songs felt…did it have the same effect as singing other peoples songs and yes, is the answer! I felt energised after singing it both in my mind and in my body. In fact it’s very difficult not to feel different after singing. You can’t sing a song and worry about anything else and if it’s an uplifting song you can’t stay sad. On the other hand we could use songs to release pent up emotions, by singing lyrics that would express those feelings. So try it today put on some music and sing and see if you can’t change how you feel by the end of the song! – check out our interactive day in September on the benefits of singing! September 27, Norton Park Hotel, Winchester

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