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Day 10

Well I already feel pretty great this morning having been on my birthday balloon flight over South Hampshire at 6am this morning, although now I am feeling rather tired and looking to reach for that third cup of tea!
I didn’t sing my song a day up in the hot air balloon as I didn’t think the other passengers would appreciate me breaking the peace and quiet above Micheldever Station, but now I’m back on terra firma I have to sing…Up, Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon by The 5th Dimension.
Being up in the balloon was very much like singing. We needed lots of air to inflate the balloon to begin with, just like we need air  / breathe to inflate our lungs to sing. The more air the higher we got, just like we need more energy to sing higher notes. Breathing and imaging our lungs, rib cage and abdomen expanding like the balloon is a perfect imagine to ensure that we are breathing correctly which is beneficial for asthma suffers and anyone who suffers from difficulty breathing.
Then actually being up in the sky was very relaxing and calming and singing can have the exact same effects make us feel relaxed too, because of the way we are using our breath, which has been compared to Yoga.
So next time you are singing think about a balloon when you are breathing and make sure your shoulders aren’t rising… your lungs aren’t in your shoulders.

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