I’m Lisa Faye Broadhead and thank you for finding me! I have been teaching for over 20 years and specialise in musical theatre singing, especially coaching those who wish to pursue a career in this area and need help with audition preparation for dance / drama school, repertoire or brushing up on technique for a performance. I hope you find this site useful and I look forward to hearing from you.   Lisa 

The Power of Singing

We all feel great when we sing and research shows that singing is good for our heart, health, and minds; it can help reduce stress, improve our mood and, as an aerobic exercise, it is good for our lungs and posture. But how and why?

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1 - 1 Lessons

Music should be enjoyable

Enjoyment leads to engagement which leads to enhancement, enchantment, and enrichment.  When you enjoy something and in an enjoyable atmosphere, you learn and you improve.

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5 6 7 8 Choir

The 5678 Choir is a community choir where all are welcome to come and enjoy the pleasure of singing and learning together for fun. Created in February 2013, out of a need to sing locally it now has around 35 members from surrounding villages.

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Latest News

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Day 10

Well I already feel pretty great this morning having been on my birthday balloon flight over South Hampshire at 6am this morning, although now I am feeling rather tired and looking to reach for that t…
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Two brief bursts of songs for you today, ‘Don’t Stop Believin” and ‘Summertime’ both songs make you feel great and put a smile on your face. The benefits of singing are e…
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Day 8

After yesterday and a song for Cecil The Lion I have decided to stay with the nature theme and sing Colours Of The Wind from Pochahontas. Before it I felt ok, if not still very moved by yesterdays new…
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Day 7

Day 7 of A Song A Day – 30 Day Challenge and today is a sad day as in the news Cecil The Lion, the head of 2 prides of lions has been hunted and killed in Zimbabwe by an American Dentist. This h…
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Day 6

Good morning and what a lovely day it is so I have chosen to sing Lovely Day by Bill Withers a song that was introduced to me by Anton Browne our fabulous singing teacher at The Brit School when I wa…
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Day 5

Day 5 of my 30 day challenge! Just sang Walking on Sunshine. Before it I was feeling a little tired and ready for a cup of tea having had a paper work and research day, but now having sung I am energi…
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100% Singing Exam Success!

Musical Theatre students of Lisa Faye passed their singing exams with London College of Music with a 100% pass rate! Three Distinctions too! Grade’s ranged from Grade 1 – Grade 5 and songs…
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End of Term Offer

End of Term Music Book Offer! ‘Practice or Talent?’ is reduced to £3.99 from 17 – 22 July only! This offer will not be extended! Get your copy of this 5* book to ensure you are fulf…
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The Power of Singing

Today see’s the launch of Lisa Faye’s new interactive singing course THE POWER OF SINGING! Exploring the benefits of singing and it’s power!  We all feel great when we sing and research…
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Gratton Festival Success!

Wow, what a wonderful time at The Gratton Festival, in aid of The Gratton Trust, Sutton Scotney, Winchester! I thoroughly enjoyed singing with NYD and closing the festival with over an hour’s wo…
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Mental Practice

‘Sports people use mentual practice to help them, learn their skills, by rehearsing the physical action in their mind.’ Well, we can do exactly that with our music practice too. ‘We …
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Max Myelin

Meet Max Myelin. He is a character in my book Practice or Talent? based on my own English Bull Terrier Max. I created him to help explain to my students and readers how important practice is. Excerpt …
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Buy the Book : Practice or Talent

The book, ‘Practice or Talent?’ helps you discover the answers to these questions, by looking at what makes people musical and helping you find your musical potential.

Inspired by my piano and singing students. To help people reach their musical potential by understanding the difference between practice and talent.
It includes 21 practical tips on improving your music practice to help you become the musician you always wanted to be.


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You can put this book to good use when you join our One to One Lessons, learning more about the capabilities and the health benefits of Singing, including the professional tuition that goes hand in hand with ‘Practice or Talent?’.