July 28, 2015

Day 6

Good morning and what a lovely day it is so I have chosen to sing Lovely Day by Bill Withers a song that was introduced to me by Anton Browne our fabulous singing teacher at The Brit School when I was just starting out on my journey of learning to sing. I’ve also taught this song to The 5678 Choir so when I sing it all these wonderful memories of where and when I sang the song come flooding back and faces of those people and places. Research shows that when other memories are hard to retrieve songs and music are easy to recall. Singing unlocks forgotten memories and groups like Singing for the Brain and Lost Chord are doing wonderful work in nursing homes with Alzheimer and dementia patients. So singing not only has a positive effect of making us feel great but can also help with memory recall.

For more information on Alzeheimer  and dementia visit Alzheimers Society or Age UK
Lisa Faye Broadhead
The Power Of Singing

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