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Music should be enjoyable

Enjoyment leads to engagement which leads to enhancement, enchantment, and enrichment.  When you enjoy something and in an enjoyable atmosphere, you learn and you improve.

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The Power of Singing

We all feel great when we sing and research shows that singing is good for our heart, health, and minds; it can help reduce stress, improve our mood and, as an aerobic exercise, it is good for our lungs and posture. But how and why?

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5 6 7 8 Choir

he 5678 Choir has grown from strength to strength since its creation, in February 2013, out of a need to sing locally and following the great success of the ‘Act Too’ village pantomimes. It now has around 35 members from Sutton Scotney and the surrounding villages.

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Day 24 – A Song A Day- 30 Day Challenge

Today I have handed over my song a day to a very good friend Daniel Ledwith who is singing a Beatles Medley which is sure to benefit everyone! It benefitted us! (Assisted by his stage hand Christopher…
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Day 15 – A Song A Day

Day 15  – A Song A Day – 2 weeks in! Today I am singing one of my own songs, You, as I am putting together an album of my own music and though out it would be a great idea to see how sing…
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Day 13 – A Song A Day

Today it’s all about endorphins and oxytocin both of which are released by singing and make us feel happier and healthier! Endorphins make us feel great as they are pain relieving hormones relea…
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Day 11 A Song A Day

Singing in Choirs is known to be beneficial to our well being …. But what about just singing impromptu with friends ? We tried this evening and I have to say we all felt better singing along to …
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Buy the Book : Practice or Talent

The book, ‘Practice or Talent?’ helps you discover the answers to these questions, by looking at what makes people musical and helping you find your musical potential.

Inspired by my piano and singing students. To help people reach their musical potential by understanding the difference between practice and talent.
It includes 21 practical tips on improving your music practice to help you become the musician you always wanted to be.


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You can put this book to good use when you join our One to One Lessons, learning more about the capabilities and the health benefits of Singing, including the professional tuition that goes hand in hand with ‘Practice or Talent?’.