Whether you are a full-time singer, a beginner or anywhere in between, my positive, professional and personable approach makes it as easy as possible for you to improve.

I believe that my approach is different, partly because of my invaluable Royal Academy of Music training in Musical Theatre, and partly because of my breadth of performing experience in many different genres – in theatre on land and at sea, as a solo artist and in a company, from stage shows to cabaret.

This unique blend of training and experience enriches my approach to singing tuition in two very important ways.

  • Firstly, I believe that the key to delivering a song successfully is to get inside it, inhabit it, understand the character and the emotions.  You have to tell its story. Singers are actors.
  • Secondly, I believe it is imperative to have fun, to enjoy the whole experience.

I can help you tell yours

My whole approach is therefore geared towards helping you to inhabit the song and make it your own.  We do everything we can to demystify, to make things enjoyable, to remove anything that could be intimidating.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe in setting goals.  I definitely do.  But I don’t believe that they should always be about exams.

So, whatever chapter your singing story is on at present, I am confident that you will benefit from the atmosphere, the story-telling dimension and the depth of expertise that are woven into my approach to singing.

‘A huge thank you for all your years of help…you are inspirational’

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