You’ve got an audition coming up.  You want to give yourself the very best chance.  Let’s work on that together!

Maybe it’s a Drama or Music School audition; perhaps it’s a local company, or West End, or The Voice. In whatever context you need to shine, my range of experience and expertise can make a real difference to your confidence, your quality, and your chances.

My varied experience gives me – and you – more ways to try

My musical theatre training, knowledge and background give me a wealth of experience on which to call, in order to guide you and help you progress and develop.

I believe the key to getting inside a song is to tell its story, often through telling a little of your own. And I believe that, in order to tell that story from the inside, you have to relax, to have fun, to enjoy the whole experience.

So, whatever audition you’re heading towards, you will benefit from the atmosphere, the story-telling dimension and the depth of expertise that are woven into my approach to musical coaching.

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