Whether you’re looking for vocal or piano tuition, audition coaching, a workshop or even a masterclass. You’ll benefit from Lisa Faye’s depth of expertise.


I studied at the Royal Academy of Music, taking a Post Graduate Diploma in Musical Theatre. I am a Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, an Associate of the London College of Music, and a member of the Association of Singing Teachers and the British Voice Association. Since 1998, I have taught over 500 students, with a 100% pass rate in singing, piano and music theory, with over 50% achieving Distinction in LCM singing exams.

My book, ‘Practice or Talent – What makes us musical?’, inspired by my piano and singing students. To help people reach their musical potential by understanding the difference between practice and talent.

Do you think you’re not musically talented? What is talent? What makes us musical is it practice or talent? How can you practice better?

I believe that music is about practice and trying, more than it is about talent. 

Do you want to learn?  Do you want to progress? Do you want to have fun? — You’ve come to the right place!

Music should be enjoyable

Enjoyment leads to engagement which leads to enhancement, enchantment, and enrichment.  When you enjoy something and in an enjoyable atmosphere, you learn and you improve.

Music is about trying

Practice beats talent.  I think that, whatever you want to do, you just have to try.  And I make it as easy as possible for you to try.

Progression is key

I believe in setting goals.  But I don’t believe that they should always be about exams. If something isn’t working, for whatever reason, then we try it a different way or something different.


Singing Lessons

Benefit from the atmosphere, the story-telling dimension and the depth of expertise that are woven into my approach to singing.

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Piano Lessons

I believe that music is about trying.  I believe it’s more about practice than about talent.  I think that, whatever you want to do, you just have to try. 

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Audition Coaching

I believe the key to getting inside a song is to tell its story, often through telling a little of your own. In order to tell that story from the inside, you have to relax, to have fun, to enjoy the whole experience. 

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Make it your own

I believe that if something’s intimidating, it’ll never be yours.  So by looking into the approach and story-telling aspect of numbers through Youtube clips, we can explore and uncover changes of pace, duets, concerts and so forth, to really make them yours. Get inside the music and the music will come out through you.